AIOU B.ed Past Papers Code 8601


Students are searching AIOU B.ed Past Papers code 8601 or Looking AIOU B.ed Old Papers Code 8601, but the students did not find all AIOU B.ed Previous Papers code 8601. Here you can get all AIOU B.ed Past Papers of code 8601.

The B.ed code 8601 name is General Methods of Teaching. Every Student better now that Past Papers are very important for getting good marks in B.ed Papers and all types of Papers.

So very are providing Aiou B.ed Past Papers of code 8601 with details. These include all Allama Iqbal Open University B.ed Old papers code 8601 which are held from 2016 to 2019 with semester wise.

All AIOU B.ed Old and Past papers of code 8601 are given below.

AIOU B.ed Past Papers Code 8601 Autumn 2018

  1. Define effective teaching Discuss factors of effective teaching.
  2. Define the concept of lesson planning Describe different approaches of lesson planning be different approaches to lesson planning
  3. Define Motivation and Explain strategies that can increase motivation.
  4. Discuss problem-solving approaches for learning in the classroom.
  5. Describe different kinds of activities and their utility in the learning.
  6. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the discussion method and Develop the rules of improvement of classroom discussion.
  7. Discuss different strategies for cooperative learning.
  8. Describe kinds of audiovisual aids.

AIOU B.ed Past Papers Code 8601

AIOU B.ed Old Papers Code 8601 Spring 2018

  1. Define effective teaching. Explain the professional qualities of an effective
  2. Why lesson planning is important? Describe the lesson planning approaches.
  3. What is Motivation? What are the behavioral, humanistic, and cognitive perspectives of motivation?
  4. Explain the problem-solving approach to teaching. Specify the role of a teacher in problem-solving learning.
  5. What is the activity method of teaching? Highlight the problems faced by teachers in applying the activity method in their class.
  6. Describe classroom discussion. Explain the types of classroom discussions suggested by Kinne.
  7. Define cooperative learning. Describe various techniques of cooperative learning.
  8. Write a note on Textbooks and Use of Multimedia in teaching

AIOU B.ed Past Papers Code 8601

AIOU B.ed Previous Papers Code 8601 Autumn 2017

  1. Define cooperative learning. Explain the principles of cooperative learning.
  2. What is student evaluation? Discuss the Importance of student evaluation in detail
  3. .Define inductive and deductive reasoning Develop a lesson plan with the help of the inductive and deductive method.
  4. Discuss different types of AUDIOVISUAL AIDS.
  5. Differentiate between teaching methods and strategies and also discuss the characteristic of teaching.
  6. Define motivation Discuss the difference between Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation with suitable examples.
  7. Define Brainstorming. Also discuss the rules of brainstorming.
  8. Write a note on Set Induction and  Problem-based learning.

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AIOU B.ed Past Papers Code 8601 Spring 2017

  1. Write down Multimedia advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Critically evaluate different strategies to identify the learning difficulties of students.
  3. What is Cooperative learning? Discuss different cooperative learning techniques.
  4. Elaborate three phases of developing critical thinking among students during classroom discussion.
  5. Discuss the role of the teacher in the activity method. Also highlight the problems faced by teachers in using activity methods in the classroom.
  6. What is the scientific method? Discuss the different steps of the scientific method.
  7. Discuss different theories of motivation.
  8. Write a note on Daily and weekly planning and Characteristics of a good teacher.

AIOU Past Papers B.ed Code 8601 Autumn 2016

  1. How is classroom management helps in achieving the teaching and learning goals? Explain with examples.
  2. What is lesson planning? Explain the process of Lesson planning with examples.
  3. What are the different factors that influence student motivations?
  4. What is Problem Solving Approach? Discuss the Process and Procedure of this Approval.
  5. What is an activity, List some social activities, and illustrate their importance for promoting social skills among students.
  6. Distinguish among different types of discussions. Which type is most suitable for secondary classes
  7. Describe the principles of cooperative learning.
  8. Write a note on Types of Set induction and Uses of maps.

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