Complete Guidelines and Instructions about PPSC Interview


After passing PPSC test, the last step is Interview. So in this article we gave the Complete Guidelines and Instructions about PPSC Interview.

The interview is the last step after passing any test. Many candidates thought the interview is easy. Some interviews are easy such as NTS, PTS, OTS and other test interviews.

But the interview of Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) is not easy because the PPSC interview is not like the NTS, PTS, OTS.

National Testing Service known as NTS only check the candidates documents.These testing services only check that candidate certificates are fake or real.

But in the PPSC interview, the teachers asked questions from candidates. These questions are related to candidate subject. Some general knowledge questions are also asked in PPSC interview. Sometimes only candidate’s degrees are checked that they are real or fake and are varified or not.

If the questions asked in the PPSC interview, and if candidate cannot answer them, then this will be a problem for candidate. Candidate may not get that job. But the interview process is more accessible than the first two tests. The first two tests are Paper test and Written test.

The interview panel consists of four members. There is a commission head who can ask general knowledge questions. The two teachers can ask questions related to candidates subject. There is an educational member who can ask questions related to teaching and education. With all these, if the panel has five members, the fifth member will be a Psychologist. He will check the mind of candidate.


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