Define teaching and Elaborate this concept in the light of theoretical perspectives

A child’s learning depends on the teacher’s ability and skill, who plays a leading role in the classroom. Teachers face the reality of emerging minds in the form of students while working according to established rules and regulations.

Teaching is the name of art and the educational process. How to help students in this process with different methods is attractive. The teacher first starts with the students’ perspectives on different things. That is, he first examines what students know and think about a subject. Teaching then has a positive effect on students’ thinking, actions, and feelings.

Here is how to define teaching:

Teaching is a process of explaining the results and self-learning strategies. Students are prepared for learning by providing an initial identification structure. Teachers provide ample opportunities for students to practice and apply what they have learned in the classroom.

According to another definition, provide support for teachers or teachers to participate in educational activities profitably.

According to the Encyclopedia of Education Research, teaching is a broad term, which includes most activities that take place in the classroom and at school, as well as many activities that take place at home. Teaching means helping someone else to learn. This process includes providing information, creating a topic and appropriate environment for the learning process, and planning activities that help the learning process.

Five teacher roles for teaching purposes

The teacher should play a role in five positions to teach; these roles are as follows.

As a psychologist article

The knowledge and information of the teachers should be more than the subject matter of standard textbooks. It is the teacher’s job to develop the most important and real thought regarding the subject matter. He can solve all the problems related to his subject based on his knowledge.

As an educator

Teachers set the most appropriate learning goals and objectives and clearly state them to students. They reflect a positive attitude towards their subject and work to remove barriers to learning the subject. They review students’ work and mark it fairly. Teachers are critical thinkers and problem solvers. Guide students through the solution and enable them to develop their understanding.

As a great preacher.

The teacher demonstrates the most effective oral and written communication. They have excellent organizational skills and planning skills. They also teach students the use of effective communication skills and make the best use of appropriate announcements during the teaching process. ۔

As a focused student mentor

Teachers encourage students to learn in various ways, participate fully in the learning process, and bring them to a higher intellectual level.

As a regular and independent diagnostic work:

The teacher develops the most appropriate method for assessing students’ reactions and outcomes to improve student learning experiences. He also constantly reviews his teaching style and keeps the classroom environment and students fresh. The best teacher makes every effort to make teaching better and more effective by eliminating the flaws that come up during the evaluation of his teaching style.

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