High Court ruled against the terminated teachers


Educators recruited teachers who did not complete the professional degree (B.ed) within the stipulated time. They were terminated by the government. The teachers appeal to the High Court but today the High Court ruled against the terminated teachers. High court maintained the government’s decision to terminate.

The teachers who were terminated were permanent and some teachers were on contract bases. The Government of Pakistan has announced that as many Educators have been recruited. All of them have to complete their professional degree within three years. If the professional degree not completed within three years, the government has the power to terminate the teachers.

Most teachers complied with the new law and completed professional degrees. But some teachers did not follow the law. The government terminated teachers who did not complete their professional degrees.

The teachers had appealed the High Court but the High Court did not give relief. Now the last option for teachers is the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Now if the Supreme Court also rules against teachers. Then teachers will lose their jobs and will not be able to apply to educators for three years.

If the Supreme Court rules in favor of the teachers and court will give extra time to teachers to complete their professional degrees, then the teachers will be reinstated.

High Court ruled against the terminated teachers


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