Minister of Education Decide to Close educational institutions till May 31


Federal Minister of Education Shafqat Mahmood said that the National Coordination Committee on the recommendation of Interprovincial Education Ministers meeting had ordered the closure of ALL education institutions in the country till May 31. This includes all Govt and private schools, colleges, universities, and madaris.

More, he said that The closure will be treated as summer vacation, and if by the grace of Allah, the corona problem is resolved, the educational institution will reopen in June.

Shafqat Mahmood said that, However, the educational authorities would continue to engage with students either through TV or online. Federal Education Ministry will launch a tv channel in April for school students.

The university Students make a trend on twitter. The direction was ” We Reject Online Edu.” This was the top trend on twitter tomorrow.

On this trend, the Minister of Education said that many students have complained about the poor quality of online courses being run by the universities. HEC has taken notice of this and is endeavoring to improve the quality of online teaching.

Let us tell you that the Ministry of Education has decided that the educational institutions will be closed by May 31. But no notification has been issued by the Minister of Education so far. And the HEC has not yet decided on a holiday extension.


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