New Policy of Education for Public Employment 2020


Changing the education policy of candidates for public employment. The next eight parties will be called Pass Primary and Sixteen Party Pass Graduates. Government directs government agencies to recruit new recruits

New Policy of Education for Public Employment 2020

In view of the government’s educational reforms, a new recruitment policy has been made for recruitment in public institutions.

In this context, the grade of primary has been increased to three grades. Five class pass will not be called the primary pass. Not officially considered, but now eight class pass primary pass.

Will be done, Likewise, after the Matric, (14-year-education) completing four-year education will not be considered graduates.

In addition, six years of education (two-year intermediate and four-year B.S.
Honors) will be considered a graduate. And that’s the standard set.

In this context, the government has notified all government agencies for graduates. All companies will define eligibility according to this new formula when advertising.


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