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3 Lessons From The largest Loser

All through the world, night after night, mllns. of people are riveted to their TV sets – but not to watch the newest soap, or CSI. Not to watch Jay Leno or Sex in the […]

Scientific exploration shows Juices can lower Cholesterol and Prevent Heart Disease.

Heart disease effects lots of us in the UK, more so than in lots other countries, but there is a powerful possibility that this can be changed easily by changing our attitude towards food and […]

Kettlebells And Chiropractic A Winning Combination

After 14 years as a successful chiropractor I have finally noticed what I believe to be the very absolute tool for improving the back-strength and overall health of my patients. That tool is the kettlebellĀ  […]

Health alert Health risks of mobile phones

Research into the link between regular handset use and disease reveals the risks rise significantly after ten years, apart from official assurances that they are secure. Using a mobile phone for more than ten years […]