Teacher Education Programmes of UK

In the literature on teacher education in the UK, you will find England and Wales described together and Scotland separately. This is so because Scotland has a separate education system. As educators, we are always interested to know about other systems to learn from their experiences.

This document gives details of the education system with a historical background, the “framework of expansion” a policy document incorporating a wide range of statements related to all aspects of teacher training including the institutions in which it will be provided.

  1. a) In-service
  2. i) A large and systematic expansion in-service training
  3. ii) A reinforced process induction the first year of service
  4. b) Pre-service.
  5. i) Progressive achievement of an all-graduate profession leading to a B.Ed degree. This is the initial teacher training qualification on the new pattern replacing the three years degree.
  6. ii) Improved training of further education teachers by providing initial training either before or after taking up appointment.
  7. c) Institutional up-gradation.

The colleges of education (which were the provider of initial teacher training) were integrated into the family of higher education institutions.

  1. d) Improved arrangements of institutions involved with training of teachers and their appointments.
  2. e) Improved arrangements for the control and coordination of teacher training and supply, both regionally and nationally

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