The importance and necessity of language in Communication

Language, in fact, distinguishes between humans and animals. Because of this distinction, man is called the noblest of creatures. Man wants to control the environment in which he lives. Other creatures are freer to meet their needs in their environment than they are, and they can meet their needs separately.

On the contrary, man cannot control the environment alone. He is naturally friendly and lives his life in a group. At the same time, he has been endowed with the ability of consciousness and intellect. Nature has endowed him with the ability to think, understand, imagine and invent.

These attributes distinguish him from animals. Obviously, the role of language is very important in all these, and thanks to it, business, society, culture, development of civilization continues.

In the present situation, man is living in a certain environment. This environment has its own status.

On the one hand, it is the medical environment in which he seeks power. On the other hand, it is the non-medical environment in which individuals’ relationships, relationships, values, skills, traditions, beliefs, ideas, and institutions are strengthened. Becomes able to absorb. In both cases, there is a need for knowledge, attitudes, and skills. Language is one of how he can gain power over his entire environment.

The importance of language

Language is a distinguishing feature of a human being as a means of mental development and superior abilities expression. This creates a balance in the human personality, action in the process, and expansion of thoughts and ideas.

If attention is not paid to language development, there will be no expansion of ideas. Man has created an environment for himself. We need language to live in our environment. We will examine the importance of language in some detail under the following headings with this need in mind.

Communication. Basic need

Man is by nature a collectivist. He cannot live alone. Or collectivity is possible without language.

Communication is a basic need. We talk to each other about ideas, thoughts, and problems. Of each other

In matters, we have to resort to language. It is through language that we understand ourselves and others.

Thoughts and ideas understand that whatever means are used to convey one’s remorse to other people will be called language. This is the best and most suitable means of understanding. As our civilization becomes more complex, we need to expand our language to express ourselves.

The truth is that without language, communication in a society is not possible. Our social life depends on language. Without language, cohesion and unity in society are not possible.

The means of thought

Through language, man creates discipline in his thoughts and co-ordinates thoughts and ideas.

Able to offer. If there is no language resource, thoughts will be scattered. Thus, man always thinks that he keeps making decisions and then acts on those decisions. Still, on reflection, it becomes clear that language is the only source that gives us some basis for thinking.

Although in the beginning, man evokes some images in his mind. He makes connections in these images, perceives objects through his senses, but this will be the state of his thinking. They require abstract ideas for causal and causal relationships, actions, and images, and abstractions.

Language helps him in this game. Gestures are essential for thinking and imagination, without which a person’s thinking does not develop. Language stabilizes this thinking by which it establishes the order in its thinking. Therefore, language also plays the role of means of thought because language also plays an important role in mental maturity. The more proficient a person is in language, the higher he will be mental. He will consider any issue in life. The language will accompany it, and new knowledge will be revealed to it.

Transfer of culture

The treasures of the sciences and arts of the forefathers reach us through language. Scientists ‘Discoveries Researchers’ Research Mathematical Writers and Poets ‘Religious Teachings, Physicians’ Prescriptions Everything is passed from one generation to another through language. The language created and expanded the sciences and arts.

Guarantees that if there is no language, these fountains of knowledge will dry up, and the human mind’s development will stop. Language is a mirror of a nation’s civilization. Individuals want the values ​​and traditions of what they have learned to be traditions or institutions or the knowledge they have acquired about life to reach the heights of science through their thinking.

The methods and skills that have been adopted are passed on to the new generation. Our generation also wants to take full advantage of the experiences, feelings, and expenses of the old generation. These things or experiences are the capital of this nation. They are called cultural heritage, and this transfer of cultural capital is undoubtedly possible through language.

Social Needs Links and Stability:

Man needs language every moment in his daily activities. Whether it is business life or collective entertainment, whether it is casual conversation or correspondence, the need for language is everywhere. It is not possible to run a business without language.

It is important for people to feel each other’s pain for social interaction. Understand each other’s problems, express love, and sincerity. Get acquainted with the needs, understand the nature of the transaction. For all such needs, one has to resort to language.

Happiness or sorrow can only be expressed through language. Proficiency in the language enables people to get acquainted with each other’s thoughts in a polite and fun way. Language brings them closer. Strengthens their relationships. Emotions of love, sincerity, and empathy are created. Communication develops through language, and through it, relationships are formed and deteriorated.

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